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The most innovative solutions combine technical possibility with visual appearance and go beyond imagination.

COMPEED® Blister Patches

Developed from concept to market launch in collaboration with Consumer goods company, Johnson&Johnson®.

> Advanced recipe, superior blister healing, unique combination of performance, design and usability.

SpeediCath® Compact Set

Initiated front-end innovation initiatives enlightening opportunities for Danish medical device company, Coloplast®.

> Intermittent catheter set, discreet and compact design solutions, Red Dot Design Award ‘2013.

3-4-3 Dinner Chairs

Developed and designed as a ‘Compact Living’ suggestion for the 2013 collection of Danish furniture company, BoConcept®.

> Refined simplicity, balanced clarity and modernity characterize this new age dinner chair.

Safety Syringe ’09

1st price award winning safety syringe technology developed in collaboration with Rigshospitalet®, Copenhagen.

> Punkture free medical device technology – DTU Venture Cup 2009, McKinsey&Company®.

Engineering Design

Professional merge of engineering and design streamline the processes from idea to manufacture and guarantee superior functionality and visual elegant solutions.

Consumer Collaboration

Modern collaboration with consumers through social media and online communities offers unique opportunities to obtain knowledge, knowhow and radical innovation.

Top-Down Biomimicry

Structured emulation of nature releases your development process from traditional trends and established company thinking, which is crucial to achieve more innovative solutions.

What’s Offered?

Unique combination of competences and experiences, that are acquired and refined through employments and projects at well-respected Danish companies e.g. Coloplast, Novo Nordisk, Danfoss, Sonion, Dantec Dynamics, Junkers Træindustrier, BoConcept, Molgard.


Further information on engineering competences, proffesional experiences and personal background [Learn more]

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